Download Repository

Linking Things Together

Installing the repository

  • Extract the HSPI_SCREPOSTIROY.EXE file from the zip file and place it in your HS3 directory
  • Restart HS3
  • Use the HS3 plugin manager to start the repository plugin.
  • Navigate to Plugins / SCREPOSITORY / Manage Smarter Control Plugins

Please uninstall the older version before installing the new repository plugin.


Updating smarter control plugins from the repository may cause the version numbers to appear out of sync with the version numbers reported by HS3.  Restarting HS3 will correct this.


Download and install the repository to access the other plugins available.  Try them now free for 30 days.


The smarter control repository is simply another HS3 plugin that allows you to automatically download and install Smarter Control plugins.  I do not use the HS3 store to distribute theses plugins.